Facebook bug in groups, Admin cannot remove group member

VERY IMPORTANT – There is a bug in some Facebook groups  which enables members to be invisible to the group administrator. When this happens the group administrator cannot remove the member as they cannot see them on the members’ list. Normally to remove a member, the administrator simply goes to to the list of members where they also have an option to permanent ban a member. The implications of a member’s invisibility are very serious as you can imagine.

EXAMPLE – There is one prominent Facebook group where one member had an inappropriate picture and the administrator could not remove them. You can imagine the massive embarrassment it was causing to the group and the tarnishing of the brand for the group and company with such a picture. In this example the new member to the group had immediately adjusted their settings after joining the group and the administrator try as he might,  could not remove him from the group.  Be very careful who you add to your group, especially the open groups.

HOW – How did the group member become invisible? I have no idea. Neither does the group administrator for the group in question. Hopefully this is a bug that Facebook can quickly fix.

ALL GROUPS – I do not know if this Facebook bug or problem affects all types of groups (Open and Closed groups) or is a random problem or it just applies to specific types of groups.

MORE INFO – In the example above which was an open group, the guilty group member was visible to other ordinary group members but not the group administrator. To fix this the administrator appointed someone else as a admin on a temporary basis. The new admin was able to see the guilty group member and remove them. Have you had any problem with Facebook groups. I would love to hear from you. Send your comments please.

A very BIG thank you to Max Guadagnoli, power networker and marketing guru for all his help regarding the Facebook groups.

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  • Ulrik Bro

    Any update on this? I’m having trouble with a member of my group and need to remove this person, but I can’t find the person. I tried pretty much everything I could think of, even creating a new user, join the group with this user and give this user admin right. Log out of my own FB, log in with this new user, and still can’t find this person! This is NOT acceptable Facebook. FIX THIS ASAP! It should be your number one pritority!

    • http://www.chessplains.com Bruce

      Ulrik, thank you for your post.

      I am not aware of any patch for this problem. I know one group on Facebook that fixed their problem in a way similar to what you did. One member of the group was promoted
      to admin and it was this new admin who removed the errant group member. You could try this, promoting an existing member of the group that you trust. However, there is no guarantee it will work. Still worth a short I reckon. All the best. Bruce

  • http://www.facebook.com/groups/UGBOSONA/ Alen M.

    I have the same problem, I have an intruder who harrasses my group for years by creating new profiles with the same name. This time, he posts as he wishes, I see his wall posts on the Group, but I can not remove him, simply I don’t see him in members’ list so I can ban him. I even tried by appointing the second member for administrator. She tried to remove… ut same problem. His wall posts visible, can be removed, but he is still not visible under members’ list… If you have any solution, email with the solution would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,


    • http://www.chessplains.com Bruce

      Alen, thanks for sharing your experience. I am really sorry about your experience. I am not aware of a fix for this problem. I hope Facebook fixes this because it’s a big problem. If anything comes up I will post it here. All the best. Bruce

  • Ben A

    I have the same problem. Unfortunately, promoting another user to admin did not fix the problem.

    I have filed a bug with facebook. It seems like other people are experiencing the same problem:



  • Lee

    Had this problem, if you assign another admin it doesn’t work, get the UID of the nuisance profile off another member and follow these steps:

    You need to get the Facebook UID of the person you wish to delete, this is the long number that shows up when you hover over their named profile picture, then you can delete them with that, or if you goto the persons profile page the UID should be within the url.

    You’ll need Google Chrome to do this bit though

    Go to your groups member list and right-click on the little X that appears next to someones name and select “Inspect Element” from the pop-up menu. You can select anyone’s profile for this but keep a note of who’s identity your using. For this example I will use the member John Smith as a type of ‘ghost’ profile

    A window will open at the bottom of the screen showing the HTML code behind the page. The line will be highlighted in a slight blue within the HTML code. Their UID will show in this line. In this case using my UID so John Smiths UID number is 15691340329 . Now, lets say that the UID of the person you want to delete is 100054321 and they’re called Zachary Jones.

    Right click on the highlighted line and select “Edit Attribute” . You can now delete the UID 15691340329 and replace it with 100054321. Be careful to keep the “quotation marks” that are around the UID.

    Once you’ve done this click anywhere in the bottom window to deselect the highlighted element. Now, go back to the members list screen and click the X next to ‘John Smith’ or whoever you have selected as your ‘ghost profile ‘ name, as if you’re going to remove them.

    Don’t worry, you won’t delete him, because you’ve modified the code behind the X. When you click on it, a dialog box will pop up asking if you’re sure you want to delete Zachary Jones.

    You can then select “Ban permanently” for good measure if you want and click “Yes”
    Now just close the lower window and you’re back to your normal group list. And ‘John Smiths’ or who evers profile you use will still be a member, and Zachary Jones will no longer be a member.

    • http://www.chessplains.com Bruce

      Thank you very much for this post Lee. I haven’t tried it out but I am sure it will bring relief to many group owners.

    • yahia

      I tried this but many times but I delete only the ghost, can u please explain it if it works with u

    • Grant

      Cheers Lee. Problem solved.

    • Ralph

      Thanx for the tip. I’m going to install Chrome & try it. However, I notice that some members don’t have a numerical ID. You hover over their icon and you get something like “bob.jones” or some other alternative name. I viewed the page source code and couldn’t find an equivalent number. Can an alpha term like this be used in the element attribute instead of a number?

    • http://www.facebook.com/groups/271709545779/ Nik

      Lee, thank you! Our group was blighted for days by a bad mouthed individual. As admin, not only did she abuse and block us, but we couldnt find her to remove her either……a nasty Facebook glitch that needs sorting!!!

      Your UID switch has worked, I would love to be a fly on the wall tomorrow :D

      You rock….THANK YOU from all the admin at ‘Items’ :)

    • Fayzaan

      Thanks for your previous explanation. But in my case nuisance profile does NOT have UID instead it shows like this http://www.facebook.com/ghalib.khan1
      What should i do to remove him from member list?
      Your help will be appreciated.

    • Mike

      You have made the ladies of the admin group at a certain Group Page VERY HAPPY!! Thank you for your little tute. Just as an addendum, you can use Firebug for Firefox as well. It will do the exact same thing…kicking myself in the backside for not thinking of it myself, as I used to use Firebug to find people in Mafia Wars :P

      Thanks for the tip :)

    • Saeed Alawi

      Hi dear Lee,

      Thank you very much for y our posting and it is really great I succeeded in deleting/banning an abuser from my group permanently.. Thanks a lot. I was struggling to kick him out from my group but was unable to see his name in members list due to his invisible ID

      To all my friends who face same problem.. the solution is very simple, as described by Mr. Lee. First of all, do not try with Internet Explorer or Mozilla, because it will not work.. just download and install Google Chrome as first step and follow the direction as described by Mr. Lee..

      Once again, thanks a lot Mr. Lee. you are brilliant.

      Thanks , Saeed Alawi.

    • Raquel

      Hey there,

      Thanks for your tip Lee. It seems to work but I’m having a problem. I do exactly as you told and then a fb message pops up saying “this is not a member of the group” and the person is still there haressing us.
      Any thoughts on that?

  • Dinesh

    I am not alone here. I am the administrator of a group and I am facing the same problem like Allen. As soon as I make someone else an admin, the new admin is not able to see the fake profile. There are two fake profiles and they are posting all kinds of obscene and offensive comments. I am seriously waiting for some help. These are the two fake profiles which are annoying us: 1. https://www.facebook.com/sriman76
    2. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002770851120&sk=wall
    At least please report them and help us from getting them banned from facebook.

  • AngoTMS

    I’m havin this problem. My problem is that I’m invisible to myself i.e. I cant find myself in the Members list in a group that i join. Also I never recieve notifications from the group not even when a fren of mine post on the group’s wall.

  • fox


  • Lolly Winne

    I’m curious if there’s any similarity between any of the groups this is happening to? Ours is a group for supporters of Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain. I know the people behind facebook are very liberal, so I just wonder if there’s a connection between the groups. Call me paranoid, but I certainly wouldn’t put it past them.

    • vlado

      Groups from all cover the world have this problem. Groups for all kinds of stuff. Politics, computers, games, toys, photography, super mario if you want. Don`t assume that all things revolve around US based groups and there is some conspiracy – they trouble us because we support bla bla.
      And yes, i have the same problem in one of my groups (and it`s nowhere close to american politics). Yesterday the hack with the editing of the elements worked, today it doesn`t. Just another FB bug.

  • siakaiba

    i have the same problem but the member that i want to ban or remove has no id all what he has is : http://www.facebook.com/med.docs?sk=wall so how could i remove him please help as fast as possible am admin of my work page

    thanx for help

  • explicit

    I think this thing happens when somebody enters into group and then Blocks administer’s id in his/her profile. As a simple rule we can not see anyone who has blocked us so we dont see them in group also and cant delete. Others can see because they are not on block list… :)

  • Biswanath

    The solution given by Lee is great!!It works 100%…thanks man..kudos

  • Srijan

    Mr Lee , you are great. This solution really works. Thanks a lot.

  • aceGroup

    It worked for me too Lee.. .thank you very much.

  • Dowson

    Mr Lee, UID method is not working for me, may be its in new groups.
    The code isnt showing the User id its showng directly Name I tried replace the ghost user name with the existing one but itsn’t working.. Pls fix this bug

  • Dowson

    Yup mr, Lee thank you very much, I Got it, did it UID method is working perfectly,

  • Ken

    It is not a problem of beinb blocked. I can see all the posts and I can even delete individual posts as well as the OPs of the culprit. The only place I cannot see the culprits is when I go to the member’s list for the group. It is an open group and we add members each day.

    I did as Lee suggested and I saw the current culprit go away. I will do it in the future with anyone who causes the troubles. I have been tearing my hair out over this problem for about a year. We have half dozen admins and at times someone can find the culprit and ban them; at other times no one can see them.

    Thank you Lee!

  • Xia Khan

    I have group Quettaonline on facebook which is very active group of facebook we are using this group for positive activities.
    my view about group is there should be level of admins. all admin should not with same rights mean if i allow one admin to remove post and other to remove user. in this of security admin can remove the group creator which is really not good as i am not admin in my one group.
    there also should have option for admin to allow only selected members to post.
    one more option we should have option to make post top story i mean Priority bases post.
    i have very good experience of group and i want to share my skill with your team i can do analyse facebook mistakes and also give u solution with flow chart


  • ummar

    My friend created a group few days ago but we are promoted some one to admin now that person removed the group creator from admin panel how can get his group from him?

  • http://RummageSale--Selinsgrove Nansee

    We just had this problem, and every new admin we appointed was not able to see the member, they could if they were not admin. It took almost 24 hours of non stop work on all the admins part to get rid of this individual. Facebook need to vamp up some security on here. The stuff that was happening yesterday was not cool.

  • michael

    Ok, if they have a name in their url rather than a set of numbers then go into their profile page. Right click on their profile and click “view source” and press Cntrl+F while your in the notepad. this will open a search bar at the bottom of the page. in the search bar type in id= and it will highlight everything in the code with that ‘id=’ in it. by looking through these highlighted sections you should find sooner or later it will say something like .php?id= and then 9 numbers. this will be their uid. you can test to see if it is theirs by going to the url at the top of your own facebook profile and exchanging their numbers for yours in the url then hitting enter. if the numbers are correct it wil take you to their profile.
    Be aware that the first id= you come across will be yours so make a note of your numbers so you can discount any search results that finds you.

    hope that helps

  • Salik

    I am Experiencing the Same Problem in a Newly Created Group Just Yesterday and I Cant Even See The Option To Add Any More Admins. Only 4 out of 30 Members are Visible to Me No Matter Whatever I do or However I change Settings to Open, CLosed or Secret. This is really Frustrating and I Wonder Why The Admins are Not Working on It.

  • Salik

    I See That This Post Was Created in September 2011 and I have Experienced this Problem Today Which Means face Book Admins are Either Least Bothered to Fix It or There is Some Real Strategy Behind It. I Have More Than 20 Groups on face Book But Why Did I Face The Problem Only Where I Have Shared Some Info About The Black Tactics of Global Politics? It is a Group named Black Door Politics and I am Only facing this Problem There I even Recreated a New Group With Same Name & Problem Occurs Again While I Created a Group on Business Economics at The Same Time and It has No Issue.

    I Now Seriously Doubt It Must have Something to Do With The Nature of Group and It is Done By Face Book Administration.

  • neal

    Our group is a Freecycle style page for giving unwanted stuff away, and we keep getting posts for payday loans – very annoying ! Less political more hacking I’d say – but following the ideas here we will get there!

  • Daz

    I’m having this problem too. I can’t begin to say how disappointed I am that as Group Administrator, I do not have control over group members. I’m astounded at how easy it is for people to abuse the system. Hurry up FB and get it sorted!!!

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  • DDI

    Please Help immediately, these id’s are invisible in our facebook group member’s list, are harassing other group members by posting abusive spam ,,, Please help us remove them from our group ,,,


  • Mohammad Moharram

    I have another problem.
    There are some members in my group do bad comments to my members & every time I try to remove this account the following message arise : ( this is not a member of the group)
    Please help me this person made big prop.

  • Debby

    Hope this helps someone…
    As Admin of a FB group, I’ve had similar problems aided by the fact as Admin I can’t even see the offending post.
    I now log in under my boyfriends account (with his permission, of course!) after I’ve promoted him to admin. Under his account I can’t always see the person in question on the members list but I CAN see the offending post.
    To the right of the post there is a drop down menu that now includes the option to “remove post & ban user”. Once I’ve done this, I remove admin privileges from the boyfriends account, until I need them again.

  • Loly

    I have this problem with my group. Followed the suggestions you made – making another member a temporary admin – and it hasn’t worked. Seems like my two offenders are invisible to the new admin too! NO idea what to do :( – anymore ideas?

  • djebe

    i experienced the same problem. it’s just that the “hidden” member blocked the administrator

    • http://www.facebook.com/nogoodnickavailable Peetra Filuren

      Noups, no blocks, 60 mewest members missing from member list

  • Jota

    I have this problem in my group too. I gave admin permission to a member to add a friend of him, this one was added and appeared on the list. When i remove admin permission, the new member desappear from the list. However, giving the permission again to the member that previously added him, it became impossible because facebook answers that the member is already there.

  • Ronnie

    I have two groups on my facebook with the same setting and just one group is showing my members. Help me see group photos in both pages like before.

  • topdawg700

    It’s because the block the administrator, I believe. Anyone you block they can’t see you and you can’t see them. But another member may be able to see them, if so, just make that member an administrator temporarily and have them ban the offender from the group.

    • http://www.facebook.com/nogoodnickavailable Peetra Filuren

      noups, this is not the case

  • cupidsdelite

    I had this problem. Facebook should try to find a way to make it where if you block a person that is an admin of a group you are a member of, then your membership in that group goes with it. But I guess they are too busy messing up our pages with timeline to worry about security.

  • immogen

    The person joined the Group -Then Blocked ALL ADMIN. – Easy Fix is to make another trusted person one of the admin -They can then remove the member (You then might like to delete the trusted person from admin, incase it happens again -then you’ll simply be able to re-add the trusted person, then get them to remove them

  • Lesley

    I am an admin for a Facebook group that my niece started over two years ago, there are only us two as admins. A certain person with an American website selling trainers keeps popping up on the site and i appoint a temp user to get rid of her, remove and block and ban perminantly BUT she re-appeares as large as life! She is banned! We have to authorise new members but she is not asking, so how is she getting back on the sites after she has been banned??? I’m baffled!

  • nursesrangels

    I have made 2 other people ADMIN for my group to get rid of this one person, well says the same thing.. You don’t have admin priveleges so you can’t delete user. Then I went in to see ALL members and this person isn’t showing up in the members listing. Put continues to post things in my group that isn’t allowed. What can be done???? Anyone know???

  • saaurabh sishodia

    Inspite of being admin I am not able to see members of the group Somebody help…. I cant remove them…

  • mahshook

    I am one of group admin. when i am trying to remove a member I got message “The user is not a member of this group”. but the user still in the group and he also able to post in the group also..What can i do to remove him?????pls help

  • mahshook

    I am one of the group admin. When i am trying to remove a member from the group, I got message that “The user is not a member of this group”. But still he is in the group and he is also able to post in the group ..What can i do to remove him?????pls help

    • ariel

      have you found a good answer to this question because i am having the same issue at this time.

      • Cedrain

        I’m also an admin of our page. What I did is that I assigned one member as a temp admin den i tell him to add that person again to the group den banned afterwards. That’s a really big bug on the page.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nogoodnickavailable Peetra Filuren

    This bug seem to be around…. :( I have at least 60 members missing from my group’s member list.

  • Mvpurplebuddha

    I am the admin of a 2400 member yard sale group- I was not seeing some spam posts that others were, and was baffled.
    On the phone with some trusted members, we compared screens,. I found
    the spam members join (by admin approval, me) then block the admin
    within the week, they wait a few days first. I found if I search members by
    “most recent” every few days, look for a profile where the photo is gone
    (generic fb person image) or that has gone “black”, meaning the name is
    not blue highlight and clickable anymore, but black and unclickable.
    They have blocked the admin. Delete and ban them. This does not solve
    all, but some blocking problems. HTH.

  • Paul Itiks

    I recently discovered I have a similar problem in a group I administer. A member appears without a link like the others. I see that I can remove them and their posts, but that’s not the problem. I’m the admin but I can’t comment on anything this person posts in my group! I may need to ask him through another member or in a public message to unblock me. That’s embarrassing, though since this is probably just a Facebook bug there’s no embarrassment in reasserting control over one’s own group.

    • Mark

      That user has blocked you personally. It’s not a bug. They don’t want to get PMed by you to tell them to stop their shenanigans.

  • Tammy Wells Grube

    FB doesn’t allow group admins or members to delete entire photo albums and photos posted to the walls. anymore. What is up with that? Why would they want our 3500 plus photos clogging up their servers x probably a million groups…are they just trying to antagonize the admins so we delete these groups…anyone have any ideas.

  • IhaveMyEyesOpen

    I am a group admin and face this problem every day, it appears a setting in the members security settings where it does not allow them to be searchable is the culprit, and in most instances they are also not able to be tagged, if they only comment, all you can do is remove comments, but if you can get them to make a post, you can remove post and user and ban at same time..this issue coupled with the issue of having all messages go to peoples ‘other’ message folder, (which most people do not even know exists) when messaging people who have applied to be a member, really makes adding / vetting and removing members a real problem, facebook needs to address these issues asap

  • Glennys Wiggin

    all they do is find out who admin is and block them…then they are invisible…easily fixed…not a bug just someone being selective who sees them..

  • Mary Jane

    They block the Admin that is how they can’t be seen. FB used to have them visible but blacked out where you could see them anyway but they screwed that up so now the Admin can’t see them

  • Jim Knight

    All Members who block Admins on Facebook groups are now visible to the Admins only the name link changes from Active blue to Black to Date I have removed 243 such members and will continue to do so !!!