Who has viewed my profile on LinkedIn?

Do you use the feature “Who viewed my profile on LinkedIn”

This feature is very handy and helps you with two things which are in summary – 1 ) Names and details of people who have viewed your profile and 2) Statistics and Trends who have viewed your profile over the past 90 days.

This information could be useful in identifying potential hires, employers, valuable additions to your network, leads for sales and business development. The amount of information you see about people who have viewed your profile depends on the following: – Your type of account, the privacy settings of those users.

Here is what you get from this feature on LinkedIn:

- Details of daily visitors and over the past week


- Total visits to your LinkedIn Profile

- Trends in visits to your profile

- Trends in the number of times you have appeared in searches on LinkedIn

- Top search keywords that you appeared in

- Viewers by geography

- Top 5 countries where you got most of your visits from

- Viewers broken down by industry

DAILY VISITORS TO YOUR PROFILE – Every day LinkedIn shows you who has viewed your profile. You will see their name, title and industry.  Of course you will also get something like ” Someone in the accounting industry”. It also depends on the amount of information others choose to disclose. Say for instance I see that a Headhunter from Joe Blog and Associates has viewed my profile, that could be a business development lead.  When I talk to the headhunter it is not a cold call, because there is a point of reference, their visit to my LinkedIn profile.


TOTAL VISITS – This is the total number of visits to your profile in a given period.

TRENDS IN VISITS – LinkedIn gives you in a weekly breakdown for the total visits in a week or total number of visits up to that point in the week. Using a bar graph you can easily see the trend in the number of visits.

TRENDS IN NUMBER OF TIMES YOU APPEARED IN SEARCHES – You can see how many times you have appeared in searches each week. This is also given per week and you can see the trend over the weeks.

TOP SEARCH KEYWORDS – LinkedIn gives you the top 15 search keywords that you have appeared in the results. How can you use this. When let’s say you keep appearing in IT Manager results but you are now a Headhunter, you might want to tweak your profile so that it shows up in the desired searches. Perhaps this aspect of tweaking a profile for searches will be covered in a separate profile.

VIEWERS BY GEOGRAPHY – Using a global map, LinkedIn highlights the areas where your visitors are coming from. The areas are shaded and using the size of the area shaded you can see the proportion of visitors from one area in relation to another.  Move your mouse around the shaded area and you will get the name of country and number of visits from that particular country.

TOP 5 COUNTRIES – The top 5 countries by viewers are listed and you can easily see the spread in viewers.  I have taken an extract from my account.

Top Countries Visits
World Total 1017
South Africa 726
United States 130
United Kingdom 93
Zimbabwe 39
India 29

VIEWERS BROKEN DOWN BY INDUSTRY – LinkedIn breaks down your viewers into 15 industries.  Below is an extract from my account.

Information Technology and Services 111
Professional Training & Coaching 97
Human Resources 91
Staffing and Recruiting 86
Financial Services 84
Banking 78
Management Consulting 64
Telecommunications 49
Marketing and Advertising 40
Accounting 39
Internet 24
Education Management 23
Mining & Metals 23
Research 17

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  • Patrick

    Does Total Visits include visits to my public Linkedin page or is it just views from within Linkedin?

    • Bruce

      Hi Patrick. I believe the Total Visits LinkedIn gives are just views within LinkedIn. Here is why I say so: LinkedIn gives you a breakdown by industry of your visits. I think this information can only be picked up for visits within LinkedIn. There is no way for LinkedIn to determine the industry for a viewer to your Public Profile. Hope this helps. Bruce

  • Kyle

    I was wondering do the Total Visits number include your own clicks on your own profile? I ask because I've had 44 visits in the last 3 days apprently but in the "Who's viewed your profile section" there are no names. I have recently updated the profile so I have been clicking a lot.

    And I do have my setting set correctly so it shold show the names. I'm confused! :(

    • Bruce

      Hi Kyle

      What kind of a LinkedIn account do you have? Is it a basic account or it is one of the Premium ones.

      Only free basic members who are willing to share their name and headline in their "Profile View" settings and Premium account holders have access to the Profile Stats page. If you are a free basic account holder and choose to be invisible or anonymous (not show your name and headline) then Profile Stat information will not be made available to you.

      Hope this helps.

  • spektreman

    Hi Bruce, thank you very much for the reply. I have the basic account and my setting is set to visible (I am sharing my name and headline) so it should show me when someone visits. It's just strange that got so many visits in a few days and no names. That's why I was wondering if it counts the times I go on my account as I said I was updating quite a lot in the past couple of days.

    It just seems random.

    Thanks again,


    • Bruce

      You are welcome Kyle. Sorry I did not fully address your question. 44 does seem like a high number for just a few days. Unfortunately I don't know the answer to that one. I have escalated this with LinkedIn and hopefully should have an answer for you soon. All the best. Do you subscribe to our updates by any chance Kyle? Bruce

    • http://www.chessplains.com admin

      Hi Kyle, I can confirm that your own profile visits are not included in the LinkedIn stats. Bruce

      • Kyle

        Many thanks for that. That is quite surprising because I have now had 114 views in about a week. Normally I get 2 or 3.

        That’s fine. Maybe I am amazingly popular that week…..or not.
        Thanks again.

  • spektreman

    Hi Bruce. Thanks again for the quick reply.

    I have just started subscribing.


    • Bruce

      Thank you so much Kyle. I am delighted to hear this. Hope you will get some value from our updates.

  • mr

    A question regarding both Kyle and spektreman concerns. wouldn’t what Patrick indicated in the first place explain the discrepancy between number of visits and who has viewed your profile? If someone in the public is viewing your profile (not logged onto LinkedIn) counting as a page visit and not as someone who viewed your page, it would explain why there are so many more visits than views by linkedin members. The higher number of visits to the page may be just due to public views?…

  • Evergreen

    Thank you for this, Bruce.

    I have a question, assuming one has a free account and is signed in, does LinkedIn include one’s own profile views in the profile view count?