Adding a "Follow us on LinkedIn" button to your website

COMPANY PROFILE – The big assumption made in this article is that you already have a company profile on LinkedIn.

THE BUTTON – You can put a “FOLLOW US ON LINKEDIN” button on your website so that people who view your website can follow your company on LinkedIn. Following your company means those people are update each time the company updates its profile (posts jobs, puts information on products and services or developments in the business).

VIEWERS TO SITE – People who view your site could be potential customers, clients or candidates. When someone clicks on the “Follow us on LinkedIn” button, they are then taken to your company profile page. LinkedIn does not charge you for adding the button or creating the company profile page, in case you don’t have one. To add this button you need to put some code somewhere on your website. Decide with your website developer where it would be best to position to button taking the appearance of the site afterwards in mind.

TIME  - It can take a web developer just a few minutes to add this code. When you put that code (which LinkedIn provides you with) , then the LinkedIn button will appear on your website.

The code for my website is  : <img src=”” locale=”en” alt=”Chess Plains Coaching on LinkedIn”>

WHERE - To get your code, when you go on the company profile page on LinkedIn, go to the bottom right part of the screen. You will see something like the attachment below. Contained in the picture will be instructions on what to do to get the Button to be displayed on your website.  You NEED to have the rights to change your company profile.

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